Our history

The headquarters of one of the biggest in Poland and one of the most significant manufacturers of curtains and decorative items in Europe is situated in Skopanie. Within more than 30 hectares, the Wisan manufacturing plant, with wast experience and enormous production potential, is situated. The current high position of Wisan brand is the result of the excellent quality of our product, as well as our long-lasting presence on the market and experience gained during many years.
The history of the company began in the thirties, before the outbreak of World War II. When the war was over, construction work began in 1948 and the manufacture of curtains and laces was built. This manufacture gave a rise to the existence of the current company. The Wisan brand was created in 1957 and in the 1992, as the result of mass privatisation programme, it was turned into a joint-stock company.
Since the beginning, the company was continually developing and improving. In the past, the company used to have almost 2000 employees and the production volume made Wisan one of the biggest manufacturer of curtains and laces in Europe.
Currently, the company employs and co-operates with less than 500 workers. Production capacity of the company is 18 million square products yearly. Wisan guarantees that the whole production process is conducted by the company, starting from the concept and executing the project through specialistic technological supervision and production to the dispatch of the products to the Client. Our special quality control department ensures the highest quality of the materials provided for production. Due to that, the company is able to maintain the highest standards and repeatability of manufactured products that are well known for their exceptional durability. The company complies with safety norms and has all necessary quality certificates.