Domestic sale

To facilitate the access to our products, we implemented a modern distribution system that operates on different levels of sale.
A chain of stores in the whole country constitutes its foundation. Due to them, you can see and “touch” our products even in the most remote parts of the country. The addresses of these shops are available here
The next and a very important distribution channel nowadays is the Internet. For your comfort and convenience, we implemented the online platforms.
a. Mail Order Centre – This is our main online shop where You can find thousands of products. Due to modern solutions, one can easily and intuitively find products, make payments and quickly receive the product without leaving house.
b. Discount Shop – it was created to make the special offers and cheaper products more accessible. One can find there ends of line stock, sales and regular discounts.
c. Decoration design platform – it is a complex and advanced platform. It allows You to pick products suitable for the interior that You want to decorate. Choosing colours, sizes and styles – all in one place!
As a manufacturer, we also remember about wholesale dealers. Easy co-operation terms and partnership on a high business culture level make us one of the curtain manufacturers that are most frequently chosen by wholesale dealers.
We encourage wholesale dealers to start co-operation with us in the scope of distribution of our products. We offer a large variety of jacquard curtains, ready-to-use or fitted curtains or string curtains (see wholesale online catalogue). In our offer, there are also panel curtains, fabrics, tablecloths, and blinds manufactured by us and a large variety of imported products.
Co-operation with WISAN S.A curtain manufacturer guarantees favourable co-operation terms. Significant discounts and promotions will be suitable for everyobe who co-operates with us. We encourage everyone who is interested in co-operation to contact us for more information.
Domestic sale department:
tel. 15 812 22 41
15 812 23 00