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We encourage You to start co-operation with Wisan S.A Curtain Manufacturer on agency rights.
Our requirements:
– Proprietary business premises
– Experience in sales

Conditions of co-operation
1. Wisan S.A company supports the process of furnishing the premises:
– gives credit for the purchase of furniture, displays and shelving
– pays 100% for computer, cash register and fiscal printer
2. – pays 100% for external advertisement and supports in the scope of newspaper advertisement, leaflets, posters, etc
3. Products are provided to the Agent on the basis of interstore transfer (the Agent does not bear any costs).
4. Wisan S.A bears 100% of costs for the insurance of goods.
5. Transportation fee for the products is covered by Wisan S.A.
6. Wisan S.A bears the costs of the internet and telephone.
7. Profits from the service of sewing on the premises of the Agent of Wisan S.A belong to the Agent.
8. An Agent receives commission on sales of the products.
Detailed information and drafts of agreements are available in the domestic sale department, telephone number: 15 812 22 40
Affiliated outlets
Find a shop:
We encourage curtain shops to become our affiliated outlets

We offer:
– increased discounts on Wisan S.A products.
– longer payment periods
– free external advertisement
– support in the purchase of shop furnishings: racks, displays, etc.
– support in the scope of advertisement in catalogues, leaflets, newspapers, etc.

Detailed information and drafts of agreements are available in the domestic sale department
tel. 15 812 22 40

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